Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Friendship Tattoos – Symbolism and Meanings

Another type of matching tattoos for best friends is the friendship tattoos. If you are planning to get one, you might be interested in one of the symbols and meanings provided below:

The Flower Friendship Tattoos

If you and your best friends love flowers, getting a flower friendship tattoo is a very good idea. Nowadays, flowers are a common subject in the tattoo industry. The flower’s beauty and attractiveness make it possible for tattoo artists to apply aesthetic designs and other friendship concepts. But more importantly, flowers represent various types of friendship bonds. This makes a flower suited for friendship tattoos. If you are having a hard time choosing which flower suits you and your friend, the list below might as well help you:
                Pink Zinnia                          – Lasting friendship affection for each other
                Rosemary                            – Loyalty to one another
                White Periwinkle             – Good memories in the pasts
                Forget-me-not                  – A symbol for a friend’s faithfulness and as well as of good memories
                Pink Carnation                   – I will never forget you               
                Baby's Breath                    – Happiness and friendship
                Abor Vitae                          – True friendship lasts forever

The Bracelet Friendship Tattoos

Every best friend in high school never forgot the friendship bracelets that were passed around to symbolize friendship. Much as the name suggests, bracelet friendship tattoos represent true friendship. You can modify your own design and style of bracelet according to your preferences. 

The Foreign Languages Friendship Tattoos

When you want something foreign, you can use other languages to symbolize your friendship. You can use the characters for the Chinese, Japanese, or Korean alphabets. These languages do not use letters but characters to represent a certain word. Moreover, you can also translate a particular word in other languages such as in French, German, Spanish, or Dutch. You can simply use the word “friend” and let a tattoo artist render a perfect design concept for you and your best friends.
Other Symbols and Meanings For Friendship Tattoos

Claddagh Symbol

The Claddagh symbol is a Celtic design that portrays two hands holding a heart and crown on the center. This is a very fitting symbolism for true friendship.

The Pineapple Symbol

Though not as popular as the other friendship tattoos, the pineapple fruit symbolizes friendship, loyalty, and commitment. Legend has it that the fruit originated from the true relationship of best friends.

The Turtle Symbol

When you want a unique but meaningful design for your friendship tattoos, the turtle is a great fit. Though unusually used in tattoo designs, the turtle represents long life and harmony – two aspects of values that a true friend wants for his or her best friends.

Whatever design you choose for your friendship tattoos, the most important thing to remember is the reason and meaning of your choice. Whether it’s a simple design or the most sophisticated design in the tattoo industry, your friend will always be thankful for a particular tattoo as long as the meaning perfectly fits to your friendship with one another.

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